Dog Cart

Dog Pulling Cart

Dog pulling cart is a type of cart which is connected to the dogs back. It is mainly used to transport goods from one place to another. During the Gold rush in the 19th century dog pulling carts were mainly used for transportation in Alaska.

Around 7-10 dogs were tied together to pull loads from one place to another. Dog would pull the heavy load in the snow along with the people.

Not only during the gold rush had they used dog pulling cart for transportation but also in day to day lives. They used it for different purposes. Before inventing vehicles dog pulling cart were used for main transports as well as horse pulling carts.

Dog pulling cart is very light in weight and the distance between the cart and the ground is not much. Having a heavy dog pulling cart would make the dog stressful while pulling loads. Dog pulling carts come very handy in today’s world, from pulling your groceries, toys, woods dog pulling carts can be used.

Dog pulling cart is also used to carry or pull disable people from one place to the other. The cart can be of 2 to 4 wheels. To carry heavier load the cart would need round about 4 wheels and for lighter loads it would need around 2-3 wheels.

Each dog pulling cart is controlled by a harness which is worn by the dog. For the harness worn by the dog the cart can are joint to the dog. Harness comes in different types of designs according to its use. Assistance dog harness could be used for activities such as pulling a disabled person.

It can also be used for guiding the dog. An assistance dog harness includes a handle as well so that one can control the dog accordingly. The cost of a harness depends on the size, the starting price would be $20 and it gradually increases.

Dog Pulling CartA dog pulling cart comes in different sizes. In the 21st century the size of dog pulling carts are much smaller than it used to be. Now a day’s dog puling cart are now used to transport good for short distance.

Dog pulling carts have become less significant in a person’s life since people use vehicles as a mode of transport in today’s world.

It is not easy to train a dog to obey orders when one rides on dog pulling cart. It may take few weeks or more to teach them. Having patience is one of the key to have a well trained dog.

Dog pulling carts would be available at any harness and antique shops. Carts can also be designed and customized in a way in which you would want it to be used. The price of dog pulling cart also depend upon the size, shape, quality and design of the cart.

Wood carts would cost cheaper than the steel carts, the price also depends upon the size of the dog a person is having or the amount of load the dog is pulling.